Healing & Reading Session

Hello there Beautiful Being!

Thank you for visiting my webpage and considering my services as a Healer/ Reader. My name is Bianca Willemse and I have been working as a Healer/Reader for over 15 years now. I have had the privilege to support and assist many people from around the world in their personal healing processes, journey of self discovery and inner- spiritual development.

In a personal Healing & Reading consultation, you explain to me what you are struggling with or would like to get clarity on (in the case of a photo consultation, this is done via e-mail). This can be a description of a situation you have experienced, a feeling that you are having, a (personal or spiritual) crisis you are going through, etcetera.

During each session I will connect with your (higher, multi-dimensional) Self and Energy-System and healing will start. The healing will restore the natural flow of your Energy-System, remove stagnation and release any tension that prohibited you from fully Being and Living your true and wonderful Self here on earth.

Reading will clarify which underlying causes, patterns, survival mechanisms and (unconscious) belief systems are being released during the healing process. This will allow you to connect with the process on a mental and emotional level, which deepens the effects of the session into the physical body and daily life-experience.

Consultations can be done via photo (distant healing & reading) or with live  interaction via telephone (EU-only) or online via Skype (audio-only). (Or Whatsapp-audio in case you don’t have Skype).


Healing & Reading via photo: in this consultation, we don’t have live contact. You just send me an e-mail with your photo, including your healing question or topic. It is important that you are alone in the picture (no pets or other people in it), so I can be sure to connect with you.
When done, I will share with you an MP3-recording of the Healing & Reading. You can then listen to it and experience the session at your own time. The recording contains the information of the Reading and will as well transmit the energy of the Healing process deeper into your system.

You can book your photo-session directly in the online agenda (see below). Or send me an e-mail via the Contactform.

Healing & Reading with live contact (audio-only): if the difference in time-zone allows it, we can also connect via phone or Skype / Whatsapp audio when having the session. This way, I can give you immediate support and guidance whilst working through the Healing process. You don’t need to e-mail me upfront and can explain your question or topic at the beginning of the session. I will be attuned to your Energy-System whilst listening and healing will start from there. Here as well, your Higher or True Self will guide me / us through the process. Where needed, reading will also happen and for that, an MP3-recording can be made from my end of the session.

You can book your phone- or online-session directly in the online agenda (see below). Or send me an e-mail via the Contactform.


You can directly book your session in the online agenda. Where possible, I have added English translation to all the steps of the booking process. If not clear, please let me know and I will book your session manually.



Healing & Reading via photo: € 85,- *

Healing & Reading with live contact: € 95,- *

All consultations include an MP3-recording of the session (unless you want otherwise) and can be downloaded on your own device for future listening.

* Rates incl. 21% VAT.

For every booking Term and Conditions apply.


A Healing & Reading session facilitates, assists and supports people in their personal, spiritual and inner self-development. A consultation can complement, but is not to replace any medical nor psychiatric treatment nor use of any medication. When under treatment of a psychotherapist or psychiatrist, please consult with her or him before booking your Healing & Reading session with Bianca. What Healing Really Is (Bianca Willemse) does not accept any liability nor responsibility in this.